Rediscover the pleasure of looking in the mirror and allow yourself to feel proud. Today it only takes a few sessions and you will be able to regain the form that you thought you had lost forever... try our beauty treatments, slimming and our body toning treatments in Faenza.

ICOONE € 60.00 | 45’
It’s a beauty treatment using the principles of connective massage and lymphatic drainage to remodel all the imperfections of the body. And in particular suitable for people who suffer from the sense of heaviness in the legs, cellulite and fibrous, adipose deposits and accumulations
Shock treatment localized.

STEAM BED € 75.00 | 50 '€ 85.00 | 75'
Treatment, with basis of sludge vegetal and a steam bath, the Turkish bath exploits the principle and stimulate a natural exudation of the body, to remove toxins and excess fluids.

DETOX € 70.00 | 50’
Thanks to the massage and the use of natural extracts (with Sea salts from the Dead Sea, essential oils and marine waters), this treatment reactivates the lymphatic drainage and eliminates toxins by stimulating renewal of the skin cell tissues.

LIPO € 70.00 | 50’
This treatment favors’ the body lipolysis cells through high concentrations of natural caffeine and essential oils that stimulate lipids metabolism. And is very suitable for those who wants to reduce localized fat deposits and cellulite fibrous.

ANTICEL € 70.00 | 50’
It’s a body treatment with the basis of sludge and a seaweed plant called Fucus with the synergy of essential oils enables the reactivation of the microcirculation and prevents cellulite and fibrous.

TONIC € 70.00 | 50’
This treatment tones the skin tissues by the use of DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol), which enables the stimulation of collagen and skin hydration. And 'suitable for those suffering from skin emptying’s after slimming or after cosmetic surgery.

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