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Have you just decided to get married and you don’t want to waste any minute? Contact us to find out the last available dates in August and September 2018 and take advantage of our offers!

Our suggestion

When you say "YES" the enthusiasm is sky-high and you do not want to waste even a moment ...
If you have decided to get married and you are looking for a location for summer 2018, call us!
We'll take care of the rest: a tasty welcome aperitif based on fish and meat, selected meats and cheeses, finger food and regional delicacies accompanied by selected wines will welcome you and your guests.
You can agree with our chefs the menu that best meets your tastes and toast by cutting the wedding cake of your dreams.
Sara and Tatiana will be by your side to make your wedding UNIQUE and UNFORGETTABLE!

If you decide to get married by October 2018 in the magnificent location Villa Sirene we also offer you a fruit buffet as well as:

♡a fantastic suite for your first wedding night;
breakfast served in the veranda of our restaurant, under our beautiful old oak tree;
♡ access to the hotel's Garden SPA;
♡ beautiful centerpieces;
convenient menu proposals;
printed menus;
The special wishof our pink flamingos (which, as real stars, will make a suggestive background to your most romantic photos).

Ask for the list of our extra services! They will make your weeding day unforgettable!

In addition to this, we are also at your disposal to organisestag and hen parties at our wellness centre Cottage&SPA and on request, we will offer you our "special spouses" treatment!

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Call us and ask for a quote!
You can contact us by:

Mobile: 366-9244225

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